Rating system of MMA fighters, MMA rankings

In this article, we will consider the construction of the main MMA-ORACLE rating - the ranking of fighters (therefore, if you want to understand the entire mathematical system of our ratings, then acquaintance with this article is mandatory). 

In constructing a mathematical system, the ELO rating system used in the chess world was taken as a basis. The mathematical component was adapted to the specifics and peculiarities of mixed martial arts. In our system, we wanted to isolate everything that we love in the fighters of the MMA, the top of our ranking are the fighters who: 

  • Do not lose and lead a fairly long winning series. 
  • Often fight and defeat the best fighters that stand high in the ratings. 
  • They win by knockouts or submission.

Now let's look at the math of our system. At the beginning of a couple of words about common parameters: 

  • The rating is conducted from January 1, 1993. 
  • The rating step is 4 weeks, i.е. every 4 weeks our team updates the rating and records the data in the rating history (on the site you can see all the steps of the rating, from the very beginning). 
  • The fighter is included in the rating after 5 battles, i. on the 6th battle the fighter falls into the rating. 
  • In the event that the fighter does not conduct fights for 52 weeks (2 years), his rating begins to fall according to the formula:


  • ​When fighter include in the rating the initial rating of a fighter is considered by the formula:

rinit=θinit+θinitθwibmwcθinitθlibmlc, where (1.2)

θinit=200 - initial coefficient rankings 

θwib=θlib=0.1 - initial coefficients victories and defeats

mlc - the number of lost fights at the time of inclusion in the rating

mwc - the number of win fights at the time of inclusion in the rating

  • The rank of a fighter can not drop less than:


  • Prior to inclusion in the r rating, a fighter is considered by the formula:


Now, having all the necessary preliminary information, let's consider how the battle affects the rating of the fighter. The change in the ranking of the fighter 1 is considered by the following formulas:

Δ1=Δ+Δko+Δsub+Δser, where (1.5)


The continuation will be a little later!